Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Biloxi Mississippi day trip

Woke up, got out of bed, ran a comb across my head. I was up before Jim, woohoo. Made sausage and eggs and coffee, I did it all. A lot of decisions to make, deciding what to do, what to do. Decided to do a day trip to Gulfport / Biloxi Mississippi where our oldest son Thomas went to tech school with the Air Force  probably over 10 years ago.
Jim never got to see it but we brought him home with my parents in there fifth wheel when he was finished. We drove all along the Gulf Coast, pulled over I ate a salad I packed with chicken.

Jim was figuring out where to go next. We found the Base he was on first, we couldn't drive on it. We found a Burger King for Jim to grab a quick Burger. On our way driving back I found fresh shrimp off the boat, it was $4 a pound, we bought 5lb.

Stopped at Walmart yet again Jim bought three cases of beer for The escapees Bash coming up. Topped off the fuel tank with diesel that was 2.53 a gallon and they also had Pepsi for 99 cents. Then we stopped and picked up oranges that were sold along the road that our neighbor here told us about a big bag for $7. We came home had a lot of stuff to put away. When I started cooking shrimp I dumped a whole bunch of Old Bay on it with two cans of beer.
We ate some, froze some and Jim cleaned a couple big handfuls to make with a pasta and a light parmesan cream sauce in the next day or two. Then we got ready for our Christmas Eve party. I made Red Lobster biscuits mini size to Take Along. Finished wrapping my gift we went up to the party they sang a couple songs, they do a gift exchange. Everyone that had a gift we sat in a circle and a funny lady read this poem and every time she said left or right in it you passed your gift around.

At the end of the poem The Gift you had is the one you took it was fun Jim watched and laughed. Then we had our finger food, was really good we came back put the heat on watch a little TV I'm trying to clean up the mess in here, Call it a night.

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