Monday, December 31, 2018

Relaxed at home

December 29, 2018
Jim was up first this morning again, I made him breakfast English muffin bacon and egg. We watch some morning news on television. We took a walk all around the campground, quite a large place, we did the one Loop went into the family center where they were cooking lunch food.
it looks like a larger version of the one I had at work.

Then we walked around the pool and hot tub.

We walked down to the huge lake and saw the boats and how flooded it was.

Then we came back had lunch. And we went and took a drive got Diesel for 2:59 a gallon it was a regular pump it went really slow, took forever not like the diesel truck stops do. Then we came back got propane and took a little drive around. Propane for a 40 lb bottle in PA was $27.00 here it was 35.00. , I washed our sheets, took a nice long shower and wash my hair. Jim went outside and torqued all the tire lugs, and put stuff away. Jim played with the satellite and tried to get it but  it never did come in. I made tacos for dinner. I turned on the lights on the Christmas tree and looked at it during the evening while we watch TV. Trying to decide when we're going to put it away.

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