Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Walking Tour of Nashville

Jim was up before me today and made coffee. I also made a green smoothie. Watched some of the Today Show, as I love to do. Jim grilled some chicken for later meals. I made him breakfast of leftover perogies sausage and some eggs, from last night. Then we got ready to leave and headed towards Nashville.
We drove to Nashville took about 20 minutes highway traffic is crazy busy. We found the parking lot that the camp host here at the KOA said to park in for free. It was at the Nissan Stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. Then we started our own free self guided walking tour of Nashville. Every bar and restaurant you walk
by has live music playing, it all sounds so good. We had lunch at Blake Shelton's new bar Ole Red.
We went into the Country Music Hall of Fame and walked around, beautiful building.
We we're walking through the Music City Hall of Fame Park, and there was another couple there and I asked them where they were from and they said, oh Germany. I said Jim was born there and we started talking. Jim and his mother  talked about taking a trip to Germany which I really think they should do. So I asked this couple and she made a little video talking to my mother-in-law in German why they should take the trip her and Jim. I thanked her very much for doing that. We  said our goodbyes and kept on walking.
We walked around a little bit more and headed back towards the truck around 3:30. Which was probably good timing traffic was super heavy.
When we got back we went in and talked to the camp host here she's very nice, from Texas. I looked around at all the cute little gifts they had. Talked about stopping back again, on our round trip.
We had a little soup and salad Jim watch hockey upstairs and I wanted to watch The Voice, I feel very close to Blake Shelton here in Nashville.

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