Saturday, December 15, 2018

Today is the WAKE UP call

today is our day for a wake up call. Unfortunately I forgot to turn my alarm off from working the weekend, which I never forget to do. it went off at 5 in the morning so it really was a wake-up call. After working all week we were tired so we got up probably after 8 this morning. So obviously  the alarm didn't bother us too much . I made breakfast Apple Maple sausage and eggs and toast we started to get ready had a lot of packing up to do we put a lot of it off because of coming home so late last night. It was almost 11 when we left this morning. A lot later start than we had planned. We made one stop at a rest area . I had made chicken wraps, we grab those and the cookies and off we were again. What's the total of about 260 some miles today and our first stop is Lee hi Travel Plaza in Lexington Virginia. Traveling we had rain on and off heavy at times, a little foggier than we would like at times. Reheated some leftover soup from the other night for dinner watch TV, worked on the stupid blog,

I'm calling  it a night.

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  1. Having shorter Travel days helps your sleep at night because your not running on Adrenalin.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.