Friday, December 21, 2018

Rainy travel day

Rainy travel day, heavy at times. We left the Nashville KOA North headed towards Alabama. Traffic was heavy Nashville area and Birmingham, which we expected the rest of the driving wasn't bad.
We arrived at Walmart in Alabaster. We parked went inside to ask permission, they said no problem,  just park in the back. Walked around couldn't think of anything we needed so we went back out.
Jim leveled the fifth wheel as best he could while still staying hooked up. Then we tried to start the generator, which is in the bed of the truck. Our surge protector said faulty ground. Ok, now WHAT. By now we were starving  and there was a Ruby Tuesday's right next door ,  so we decided to go eat  and think about the situation .  He had a drink or two  wonderful meal  more money than we wanted to spend for our free site . So we made a second trip back into Walmart for some electrical supplies he said he needed. Came back out he worked some magic, went back into Walmart a third   time's a charm as they say he's amazing. And he fired it up again, Eureka it works. So we felt it was safe then to put our two slides out on the back side. I really wanted to cook something of course Too Late by then we had already eaten. Had the TV on tried to catch some weather. Talked to Tony and Sue charged everything back up, Jim went out and shut the generator down , went to bed around 10. Their time our time don't ask me which one.

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