Saturday, December 29, 2018

Can't believe we're in Texas

Jim was awake before daylight, harder to sleep in this Walmart parking lot. We did have  neighbor's though the second night, when we got there there was a fifth wheel from Quebec, and later a motor home from Wisconsin and an Airstream from South Carolina. We were the last to leave. Of course the first thing was get the generator going, I made egg sandwiches on English muffins, we got ready to leave. Jim torqued the tires. We left just after 8 which I think is the earliest so far. We headed towards Texas. The road was terrible, so bumpy, no wonder everything bounces loose. We stopped for fuel at a Flying J and headed back out again.  Then we drove looking for a place to pull over to grab our lunch out of the fridge. It was a big fuel station, nice spot to relax for a minute, grab our lunch and kept on trucking. Then we headed to Lake Conroe RV Park. Following GPS on Jim's phone, I don't know if I mentioned but we got an RV Garmin GPS before we left but they don't match up, and it's hard to trust it, and it keeps freezing up as we try to use it. Anyway we pulled into the RV Park, and it didn't seem like a Thousand Trails, turned out it wasn't. Was very wooded and muddy we had to go all through the back to get back out again. Luckily the guy had us follow him in his golf cart so we can find our way out. In one turn there was  cement blocks with boards in them to make a little mini fence, some guy moved them for us, which was really nice of him. That was so scary. I didn't get a chance to get any pictures,  too much going on to get out of there. Before we got back out on the road we recalculated our GPS and said Thousand Trails this time. It was only about 17 miles away. We checked in at the guard shack,  $3 a day for electric here also. The place is huge, really big not sure how many sites are here. So we were trying to decide which way to go. We pulled into the first little Loop to the right and got down in and there, and there's no place to turn around and we had to back out of the area, and kind of turn around and pull into an empty site after a guy had to move his truck that was leaf blowing the area. That took some doing. We got set up, I vacuumed did three loads of laundry all the fun stuff. Jim grilled a couple burgers for dinner, and I made a salad. We watch some local news on TV. Jim went to bed early, I did a couple hours later.


  1. It seems campgrounds don't allow for the bigger RVs. Glad you made it Safely. Enjoy your stay!

    It's about time.

  2. That new section on the right is the pits. Whoever planned it did a lousy job. Stayed in that section last time we were there. We had the Grand Design TT. Thinking we would scrape bottom on some of those sites. The sites in the back are much nicer.

  3. Ah.... one other thing I almost forgot. When backing into one of those tight new sites we managed to take down a pole that was one of three supporting a recently planted tree.