Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Trolley Tour of Nashville

We woke up excited about our adventure for the day. I made us bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, we had our coffee and got ready for our adventure. Jim called for an Uber so we would be able to, as they say bar hop and he'd be happy. Our very first Uber ride arrived around 10:30. Takes about a good 20 minutes to get there he dropped us off.
We bought tickets for the trolley ride tour. The whole round trip ride has 15 stops, we rode a good half-hour and our first place we got off was Marathon Motor Works. They have a marathon car that was built before Ford there's eight left and there was four of them there, Ford Company put them out of business, here's some pictures.

A lot of cool gift shop areas it was a Hair Salon Spa in there all kinds of old tools, Jim love looking at, the machinery.
Jim also did a whiskey tasting there five different types of whiskey. Then we got back on the trolley and rode some more. We got off near the end and then went to eat lunch at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. There were two guitar players in there, that is what brought us in, they were so good. The food wasn't bad either kind of pricey.
Then we did our bar hopping, I think Kid Rock's Bar  was the first one we went into and that place was hopping .
We went to the WildHorse, they taught a line dance there so we got to line dance a little,
there was another bar where a guy was playing Garth songs, called Big Shotz.
Then we went back to Kid Rock's Bar, different group was playing but it was really good.
Every place we went to the music was just incredible. By this time it was well after Dark,

we are die hard Survivor fans I realized it would be on in about an hour. So Jim called Uber, and it's amazing how fast somebody is there, they picked us up and we got home right before 8 I took a quick shower and a snack, Jim packed up some stuff outside because  we leave tomorrow and we watch Survivor and worked on the blog. Which ended one fabulous day in Nashville Tennessee.

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