Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sweet Home Alabama

Today we're heading towards our Sweet Home Alabama and escapees Park for a week, unless we decide to move closer to New Orleans area. Jim woke up around 3:30, the motorhome that came in after us was gone. He looked to see how much power the inverter still had, he acted like he wanted to stay up, and I said NO go To Hell  back to bed. As usual he listen to me and was very glad 3 hours later when we woke up again. By then power was very low but not totally shut off. Fridge temperature was up a little but still on.  He fired up the generator charged it up it only took about an hour. Jim made the coffee  and I made him some eggs. He unhooked the fifth wheel and went and got diesel right next door because it was so cheap at 262 a gallon. Then he came back hooked back up and we took off. We stopped at our first rest area, we always walk around check everything out. Jim said we have a problem. Something  I do not want to hear. The access panel for two of the holding tanks had dropped down and insulation was hanging out. So we had to dig out some screws and his DeWalt and get to work again. Luckily it was an easy fix but it was freezing cold out. We went in the bathroom grab lunch and back on the road. Traffic was pretty light and we realized we hadn't done the blog from yesterday. So we did it on my phone going down the road. Which is really nice made the time go fast. We arrived here at our first Rainbow Escapees Park around 2.  We got set up, and realized on the other side the access panel fell down and he had to fix that too. Jim played with the satellite for a while, but he finally got it.
We went and signed up for all the Christmas activities coming up. Christmas Eve bring a finger food and a gift, Christmas Day they're doing potluck tables so each table does their own thing, the club provides the main entree turkey or ham. And the day after Christmas they're doing a dessert or side dish. Just Like Home 3 days of eating. For dinner I heat  up a premade instant pot turkey lasagna I had Frozen.  For an appetizer we ate the rest of the fish and shrimp we had at Ruby Tuesday's. They actually made me a second one and I took it home because I said I didn't want parmesan cream sauce and they gave it to me anyway. We watch some TV and Jim went to bed first I went later. We decided to stay here for six days, through Christmas and get some more things done.

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