Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Travel Day a Day Early

Got up this morning it was beautiful out. I made a smoothie, Jim some eggs and sausage as we started to get ready to move. We left around 9:36 and drove the same route pretty much that we took on our way to Gulfport. We stopped at the last rest area that we new of, grabbed lunch, and kept on trucking. By then we were in Mississippi. Total miles for the day was about 309. We went over a bridge that seemed like 20 miles long over the swamp. Then we stopped for fuel with a Walmart next door, went into the Walmart, sign said no overnight parking plus it was really tight so we had to back out of there. Back on the road. Went to the next Walmart,  rain was coming on and off. We pulled in and ask permission,  they said it was fine. Came back out, Jim was walking around the rig, he noticed the one tire was full of brake dust. Jim kept looking at it, and then he noticed two lug nuts were broken off. First time we couldn't park on the edge of the parking lot, we're kind of in the middle of cars on both sides of us, not as relaxing. I heated up some pre-made soup as an appetizer for dinner, and Jim went inside to the Walmart auto center to find out who can come fix the tire. He said the lady inside was very nice and gave him some phone numbers, they called and one guy he said come in tomorrow morning and we'll fix it. It's about six miles away, and we worried about driving on it like this. Jim started the generator, we put the two slides out, I made dinner parmesan cream sauce with pasta and the rest of our shrimp we had cooked the other day. Was really good, he put the TV on and watched the news, worried a little, we went to bed. And a few trucks pulled around us, which actually feels better.

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