Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunny Beautiful Day

Happy Monday, we woke up around 6:30. We drank our coffee, I made Jim a breakfast burrito. I had a yogurt, he took the truck and filled it up with diesel. We left around 9:05 this morning, heading towards Nashville. It was a beautiful sunny drive. We passed through Lebanon TN., thought it was kind of funny since we are from Lebanon PA.
Traffic was very light until we got close to Nashville, then it was quite heavy. We had a time change during the trip which was very funny and weird, till we realized what was happening. It's an hour earlier here.
We arrived at Nashville North KOA around 1.

The lady inside was very nice she gave us a lot of details about touring Nashville and how to do it. We pulled into our site, sat at the picnic table almost right away and ate our sandwich I had pre-packed. The temperature inside the camper kept going up and up so we propped the door open and opened some windows, it was very sunny and got to almost 60° out. We  set up and I vacuumed cleaned up and finally put some stuff away. Then we went to Walmart we wanted to buy some binoculars and a few other things of course some beer. We filled the truck up with diesel  for 2.61 a gallon,
that is 78 cents cheaper a gal  then it was in Pennsylvania. So we got home it was dark out by then. I made some sausage and pierogies, we watched  The Voice,  Jim talk to Byron, when we called it a night.

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  1. I hate driving around Nashville. Always lots of traffic. Enjoy your time in that part of Tennessee.