Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.
Made Christmas green breakfast smoothies, cheese omelets and sausage and leftover biscuits from last night's get together. Jim went outside and started working on replacing the seal for the second time on the slide. I started cooking for our Christmas dinner. I made a cornbread casserole, cornbread stuffing, orange creamsicle cake, and cranberry sauce. Then we went for a bike ride. Came back got everything heated up and went to our dinner, it was very nice here's a few pictures.

Everyone had their table set  so nice. The park provided turkey and ham and then each table had like a mini potluck for each one so everybody can start eating at once, it was a very different and nice way to do it. Each table had pre-planned their menu we got here so late we sat at the staff table. We had two sweet potato dishes four corn custard dishes my stuffing and macaroni and cheese, two green beans casseroles with bacon, roasted potatoes, and a lot of desserts. We talked to a lot of nice people. When we got home put some stuff away and we went for a walk for about an hour. Came back and Jim started putting some stuff away, we're going to leave a day early to try to drive at least one day out of the rain.

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  1. And here we are in Cleona, PA. Have you ever heard to that town? Best wishes for a great New Year.