Monday, December 31, 2018

Relaxing travel day

I woke up earlier than usual on this travel day. I made us a smoothie, then I made Jim some eggs, as I continued to get ready and put things away. We rearranged a few things differently as things were bouncing around more than we had anticipated with these bumpy roads. There was light rain as we plan to pull out. Jim was a little worried pulling out but it went quite well as I watched. Going around our neighbors golf cart was the trickiest part as they watched their the ones that had a fire going continuously while we were here which I stood by and said hi and bye to them again. It smelled and felt so good I didn't want to leave, Jim said bye I told him he would starve without me they laughed. And then we left heading towards Columbus, Texas. The only driving problem we had was missing a turn. We were exiting on a service road that they call farm-to-market FM. The GPS that Jim has on his phone, and the RV Garmin GPS do not agree. So that's been an issue. It's hard to trust the new Garmin RV one. So the GPS said as we were on the service road to make a slight turn to the right. We were over too far we would have had to cross two lanes of traffic and there was cars behind us so we missed the turn. We kept driving on the service road until Jim found a place that we could pull to the right and recalculate on the GPS. He makes it look so easy, turns out we weren't that far off the beaten path. Once we got on the back road that we were looking for turned out to be a wonderful drive very relaxing and not a lot of traffic and  seeing the local Countryside, the ranches with a lot of horses and cows out. Then we found a nice big gas station and pulled in to go to the bathroom and grab lunch. When we pulled out there was a camper next to us and had the same idea. We arrived here at Colorado River Thousand Trails. Long driveway coming in and we were greeted by a herd of deer that were laying off in the field.
We parked and got registered it's a huge piece of property but only about a hundred and fifty sites and they said we could get one with electric and water but there is no sewer sites available. They're very nice and there was a guy that just checked in and told us a site that was empty that he found when he was driving around. So we headed right for that site. Turns out it was nice flat we backed in a little too far and sank. He pulled for a little bit and it was okay. We got set up we talked to some people that were walking by. Playing with the satellite took him awhile, he played with some stuff and reset the box and then it worked, yay.! So we drove down to register our site which is A38 and they were having an ice cream social at 3 so we tried a cone. We drove back the long way and looked around a little more. Then I got ready for dinner I had gotten pre-made beef lasagna for him and turkey spaghetti for me so I heated that up added some more sauce for dinner. We watched a little TV and then around 11:30 we went outside looked around , beautiful Texas night, there was a couple people out, looked at the sky, can't believe we're in Texas.

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