Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last time we are camping this year, look how far we've come, literally

Happy Monday as we say. Watched The Today Show,  had coffee and breakfast, looked out the window to see deer  frolicking past. Decided to take a ride and go look for some fun, and have lunch out. Driving out of here we saw two  of those wild boar pigs,  along the road dead and a dear and apparently the turkey buzzards would rather eat deer. First we went to a steak restaurant called Nancy's Steakhouse. Probably the best random local restaurant we ever picked, it was a fabulous lunch. And you couldn't beat the price. We actually shared a meal for two, it was fajitas, shrimp ,  ribs, grilled sliced chicken , and Fish in a mushroom cream sauce , and I remembered to take a picture of it. Here's some pictures of the inside too.

Then we left and went to Walmart only needed a few things. The grocery part of the store was minimal. So we went next door to a store called HEB. I was looking for something to make for our New Year's party tonight here. So I got some eggs to make deviled eggs, I made the eggs in the instant pot, and some brownie bites here's a picture of them too.
Then we drove around town a little, took some pictures of the old historical buildings. We were looking for a butcher shop to buy a big old Texas steak but couldn't find one open.

We moseyed on back towards Thousand Trails. We sat outside because it was so beautiful, was over 60 degrees. Then I made the deviled eggs and brownie treat for later. We got ready and walked down for the party around 6. We got some beautiful sunset pictures on our way .

The guy that told us what site to pick was there, with his wife which we hadn't met yet. They invited us to join them, so we did. We had a lovely time talking with them, they're from Texas. He gave us some good ideas about our upcoming travels, and where to go, what roads to take. They had a really good band. A lot of good treats.
I was happy that all my things that I brought we're eaten,  because I didn't want to take anything back. It was over around 10 so we all walked back together said our Goodnights. We watched Carson Daly and called it a Happy New Year,  2019


  1. Glad you Enjoyed a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  2. Exciting times! That grocery store.... never heard of HEM. But HEB is a major one in Texas. Could that have been it?

    I thank you for turning me on to doing the eggs in the Instant Pot. What could be easier. And they peel so much easier too.