Monday, March 5, 2018

Get Swamped Gaters and Crocks

Sunday March 4, 2018

Bushnell, Florida

Last night I went to bed before Jim, he was up first. It was a cool night. I made smoothies this AM, it has been awhile. We had planed on staying home all day. Jim has a niece he has not seen for a long time. They work tomorrow, so we thought it would be better to go today. We can stay home tomorrow. we had lunch first and got ready to go.

First we stopped at Camping World we wanted a new grill mat, and now we can't find one. They always have a huge flag, I just love watching it blow in the wind.

They live in Bushnell on a 40 acre gator farm. They have much more then gators. He was on the show Gator Brothers. We saw peacocks, parrot, cockatiel, lemur, venomous snakes, crocks and gators, turtles, most animals are not from the area. Was so cool to see, we went in the fence area with the gators and crocks. But only because we were with them. There was 12 gators and 1 crock in there where we were. gators have a tongue,  crocks don't. Crocks can live in salt water, they have a gland in the neck to remove the salt.
We learned a lot. They were great tour guides. We really enjoyed ourselves, we thank them very much. Did not know we had our own crock hunter in the family.

We wanted to be home before dark. We said our thank yous and goodbyes. It was a very nice drive there and back.

We arrived home and were ready to eat dinner, I had made salad yesterday and we had smoke chicken to put on it. I made a Paleo apple crisp, with almond flour, pecans coconut oil, spices. Was pretty good, first time I ever made it. We watched some TV and called it a night.

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