Monday, March 26, 2018

Sweet Home Alabama

Sunday March 25, 2018

Cullman, Alabama

Guess we both woke up around the same time today. I got up and turned on the coffee pot, and laid  back down till it was done. Jim got up right away. I made Paleo blueberries pancakes and eggs. I cleaned up and ran the dish washer. We both took a shower. Jim got the grill out, and grilled some chicken. I made some white chicken chili in the Instant pot. 
Phyllis has the leftover chicken from last night, I put in too. I asked her if she had a box of corn bread, she did . I like to make it put strawberries and whip cream and milk on top. Makes a nice shortcake.

When they got back from church and the food was ready I made we carried it over to there kitchen and ate lunch in there house. We took everything back and put everything away. Then we got ready and Len took us for a ride to show us Cullman Alabama. He showed us  Clarkson covered bridge. Down town, 20 minutes from there house is a Thousand Trail Hidden Cove. We drove around in there, nice quite, and beautiful like most of them are we have been in. We stopped back at the house and got our truck we both needed diesel.
We both filled up at a station at the WalMart we left the truck there in the parking lot and got back in there truck and drove around some more. We decided to go out to eat before we went back home. 
 We told them to pick a place we went to Jim 'N' Nicks Community BBQ. It was really good, Len and I both had leftover for tomorrow for our lunch. Had a very funny waitress she was great. We had nice meal and good conversation. We decided to stay one more day, would love to stay longer. Very nice here. We were trying to avoid rain or worse

We went back to our truck, and Jim and Len went in so Jim could get beer, I went back with Phyllis in there truck. Funny thing was you can't buy beer here on Sunday's.

I swept the kitchen area out and did the mat outside and inside rug. Jim got home shortly after. We came in for the night, never really knowing what time it is here. We just go by our time not like we
are going some where. We watched some TV and called it a great day.

tornado shelter

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