Thursday, March 15, 2018

Moving Day Back to Orlando

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Orlando, Florida

Jim was up first, I was up about 1/2 hour later, have to get going on moving day. I made ham eggs and potato, for breakfast. I arranged everything inside and Jim worked on the outside. Check out here is 11 AM, but you can't leave to early because check in here at TTO is 12 noon, not before.

When you get here you get a number, we had 26, and they take you to a site of your choice in order of arrival. We found a great large site with a cow pasture right behind us. really great, we love it here. We had a large turtle walk through the back of or site. And the cows arrived later too, fun to watch them.

When we got here, just after we backed into our site, I saw a Cameo FW, I told Jim that I think it was the June's. We met them here a few months ago, and went to the CTC Luncheon with them. I was right, they waived to us we said Hi. Could not believe we came in at the same time. We both went back to setting up. I made us our salads for lunch. We watched a little TV, it seamed like we got set up really quickly.
Then we went for  walk around the CG. We went into the activity center, it was buzzing with activity as usual. Bingo was about to start in the back. They had spaghetti dinner for sale. You got salad a bread stick with it and 2 large meatballs, for $8.00. Jim kept saying it smelled good I said get one. I took a few bites of spaghetti
was good. We walked home, we were going to sit out, the wind died down a lot. The June's stopped and asked if they could come over with there wine for a little visit. Of course, we had a nice chat wanted to here about there cruise.

We called it a night, was going to be a cold night. Jim made 4 turkey burgers on the grill. I made some veggies. We watched some news. About 9 PM the fireworks started first you hear it, when you look out back behind our FW above the trees in the pasture you could see the fireworks. Was so beautiful, they go off every night tomorrow I'm going to try to take a picture of them. So glad to be back here.

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