Friday, March 30, 2018

Travel Day getting close

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Lexington, Virginia

We woke up about 7:30,  tried to get moving, I made smoothies. Got ready to move. I had cereal and yogurt I made Jim eggs. We left at 9 :15ish maybe even later. We turned on the truck GPS and she was not talking, we left the CG, made a right, wanted to go I-40 had to make a left. It said nothing, we missed the turn, so we had to go around the long way to get on 40. We had to go through Dandridge a little town, not fun. We made it. We stopped at a truck stop to fuel up, wanted to grab a quick lunch, so full we just wanted to get out of there so we just kept going.

We did have good weather today too. It got up to 70, and only a couple of drops of rain about 1/2 hour before we stopped. Then we got a little more, but we did see some piles of snow, that was not good.

We drove to Lee Hi Campground, our 4 th time here. A truck stop with a little campground on the hill. Nice for a quick FHU site, when traveling. We drove 314 miles today. Today went a lot better, Jim did not always feel so good. Our last night on the road, WOW, can't believe it !!!

So I went to check in to the CG. We got set up, Jim set sat dish up so we could change it back  to our local channels. He took the truck down to the truck stop to fuel it up. I started dinner, ate at 3:30 or so, we only had snacks by then no lunch. I made chicken patties I bought at Trader Joes mix veggies, we split one of our large lunch salads  and mashed potatoes with southern greens, bacon, onion. Jim got an order of hush puppies to go with dinner, it was very good, even though I cooked it, 
I must say so myself, it was good. I did 4 loads of laundry, dishes, blog. We will be back in Lebanon County tomorrow, we will be glad for the drive to be over.

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