Thursday, March 1, 2018

Welcome to Lazydays day 2

Tuesday February 27, 2018

Lazydays Tampa Florida

Jim was up first today, hard to sleep last night. I made Jim some eggs. We shared 1/2 an orange, and I had half a Danish from yesterdays breakfast. We closed the camper up, in case they had to move it. I went in to attend 2 of the training classes they had today. On the Road to Healthy Living and then Convection Oven and Induction Cook. They were both very good. Chef Maximo said he would give 20 percent off if anyone from his class came to the restaurant, Exit 10. He cooked shrimp in the Microwave, we all had some, guess now I have to buy some shrimp and try it.

So I met up with Jim and we walked to the Cracker Barrel for lunch. Jim stopped at what he says the worst Walmart he was ever in. He went and washed the truck, and went to Hardees. That is what he did while I was in the classes. As soon as we sat down in the CB
we got a call to come to Chads office. So we worried a little and tried to eat a quick lunch, and went over to talk with him. He was trying to find us a new motor for our 1 slide. So more waiting while they look for one.

So we went to the truck and FW to get our pool stuff and we saw the FW next to us was occupied too and we couldn't get our slide back out. So I went back to talk to Chad about it, see if he could move us all around a little. And when I got there he said I was just texting Jim we found a motor. YEA, so told him about our situation with slide and he said he would work on it. OK

So we decided to go to the pool and shower there while we wait. Well needless to say it was hot, walking to CB was so hot. So we thought it would be a good idea, and just fun to rent a golf cart. So they rent 11 to 11 we were there at 4:30 not sure yet how long we will even be here so we rented for 2 days. So we drove it around for a while looked at some RVs. Then we went to the pool. There was a mom and 2 kids from England, had such a cool accent from little kids. We both took showers, then took the pool stuff back to FW saw they still never moved us but they had the camper unplugged. So we went back to eat dinner for 20 percent off at the Exit 10 restaurant. Was very good there. We had a nice little chat with the couple next to us. And Jim had a bucket of beer. Then we took the golf cart back to the FW and by then it was  almost 8 PM, and the couple was sitting out, and they never moved us. We said we would move it over they said NO just put it out. So I ran slide out and they watched to make sure it didn't get to close to them. Perfect, close but it will work for the night. There were so nice about it. We all talked for a bit. Then we went in and got situated I watched the rest of The Voice and This Is Us. Worked on blog and called it a night.

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