Sunday, March 25, 2018

Moving Day to Alabama

Saturday March 24, 2018

Cullman, Alabama

Lake park campground
Jim was up before the alarm, I got up shorty after. We got ready I made us some eggs. We got everything secure to move. It was a beautiful morning. We pulled out and headed toward Alabama. We had some crazy driving today, through Atlanta and Birmingham. We drove a total of  434  miles today, a lot more then we like too. Jim said either we drive a lot today, or drive in rain tomorrow.

Welcome to Atlanta Georgia, good thing it wasn't rush hour
We stopped to fuel up at a Pilot and wanted to have lunch, no place to park the rig. so we kept going and found a nice rest area. We were getting close.

When we arrived at Len and Phillips they came out and guided us back in where we should park. They have full hook ups.  We did not know that we were in a different time zone here, an hour different. We got to see there new camper. They can't wait to use it. We got set up and went into there house and got the tour. So nice I can see why they like it here. They were so nice and made us dinner. Len grilled steak and chicken, and a mixture of veggies. She had little new potatoes, she was going to boil them on the stove. I saw the Instant Pot in the cabinet when she opened it I said why don't you make them in the pot. she said I could so I did, so easy and quick. The meal was wonderful. So nice to have someone cook for  you it is very special. Then I remembered I wanted to make a cake to have for dessert I was so tired last night, and I totally forgot anyway. I hope I get to before we leave.
Birmingham Alabama

We had some ice cream and fruit pops. We talked for a while and sat in the living room and talked. Was getting late we went home. So nice to visit people and take your home with you. There is a Thousand Trails 20 minutes away, tomorrow they will show us it and give us a tour around, should be a lot of fun. 

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