Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lunch with new Friends

Wednesday March 7, 2018

Eustis Florida

I woke up right before 6, I heard something walking on the roof and or things falling on the roof. It rained over night too. I got up nothing I could really do then. I did turn on the coffee pot, Jim gets it ready the night before. I hate waiting for it to brew. We did for awhile have a large cup leftover each day to start the next AM with while we waited. I then went back to bed to wait for the brewing process to be over. I woke back up 2 hours later. Jim got up much later.

We both had a lite breakfast, mine was much earlier too. We were going out for lunch with our new friends Chris and David from TN.
We were ready when they called right before they left and offered to drive. That was nice of them. We went to the Oakwood Smokehouse. We are really liking this place. We even had a little leftover to bring home for tomorrow.  They have great wait staff. Our waitress today was telling me where I could get my nails none. We were in there about 2 hours. Thought we should leave before dinner time rolled around.

They drove us home and we said our goodbyes hoping to see them next time we go through TN.

We sat outside for awhile, was a lot cooler out, and quite breezy. We went for a walk around this side of the park. I made a Paleo Mug cake for us while Jim took a shower. We had our salad with chicken for dinner. We looked out the back window to a beautiful sunset. We ran outside to look at it. The guy behind us was out too, he was getting ready to leave tomorrow. He was from West Virginia, we talked for a few minutes, real nice guy, but it was cold out. About 65, but the wind went through ya.

We came in Jim wanted to watch Hockey. I showered did dishes and read. What a great day lunch with new friends.

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