Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beautiful Day at Spanish Springs The Villages

Monday March 12, 2018

Eustis, Florida

Wanted to get up at 7:00, so hard to fall asleep lately. I sleep the best when I should be up, between 5 and 9. Anyway we had a few things planned. But we should have left at 9. We wanted to take the tour at Spanish Springs, they only have two, one at 11 and 2. You can call ahead make sure there is room on the Trolley. Which I did, but 11 AM was full. Crazy me, you can't count on a Monday when it's raining that it still will be full, because no one works here. It was raining pretty good when we were almost there. So I thought maybe a couple would not show up because of the weather. Was a long shot, I tried, but NO. So it was a little cold, we went back to the truck and got different shoes and a coat.  We wanted to see the movie 15:17 to Paris but that overlapped with the tour times. We were waiting for a day it  rained ,but today was really the first, but it cleared up really fast so the movie did not happen. We can see that anywhere. Then we thought we would go have lunch. Went to Toojay's it is a deli. We had a nice lunch, took a few pics.

After lunch we walked around the shops a little. Before we new it, was time to go over for our 2:00 tour. The Trolley driver we talked with a little before be boarded, was from Pennsylvania too. They all where a shirt that says "The Villages" on the left shoulder and there name and where they are originely from on the other. We had a nice tour and learned a lot. I took a lot of pictures.

The night time entertainment was about to start, it was really getting full. There was a lot of venders starting to set up. And by then Jim was ready to go, what happened to my party boy. So we left. It is such a nice drive coming back.

Before we left this AM they knocked on the door and asked us to move the truck, they had someone coming in. When we got back there was nobody here, cool.

So I finished the salads we had popcorn later.Jim wanted to watch hockey. Beautiful Day at Spanish Springs The Villages


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