Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Wednesday March 21, 2018

Tampa, Florida

We had the alarm set for 5:30, but setting it was messed up I guess we forgot how to do it. We did not sleep that well anyway. Jim not feeling well didn't help. I did most of my moving prep last night. I made smoothies again. We left just after day break. We were heading for Tampa, Lazydays. Only about an hour away. We pulled in and was so full we had no where to park. We were told where to park, we dropped the trailer, and went in got our shorts and sneakers, I also ate my yogurt with strawberries. We went in and bought a hot breakfast from Lazydays. We checked in with our service adviser. The we went to service desk to get our hinges we ordered and a handle at the door.
Then we had to go find something fun to do. We went to the Yuengling  Brewing Co. for a factory tour. Was ok told them we live in Pa they said they heard that tour was better. We wanted to find a place for lunch, nothing was working for us. We came back this way. Wanted to go to the Exit 10 restaurant here they only open at 3 did not know that. We went to the Cracker Barrel here.
We came back and were still in truck, Chad called and said they would be done for the day at 5:30, we could go in then for the night, out by 8 AM.

We were sitting inside I started talking to this lady they were here for service too. Turns out they are 3 bays over. They pulled MH out a little so they could put dish up. Jim tried to set ours up couldn't pull it in. They went by and said Hi Sue and Tony he was funny said we can make a fire have marshmal 
lows. She said maybe we could have breakfast tomorrow. We watched TV I did 2 blog posts heated up pre made dinner. He found my show on his phone. Yea what a guy. Lovely night in the service bay.

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  1. When fulltiming there is no end to the sites one would need to park for the night!