Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Happy Birthday to my Brothers David and Drew

Monday March 5, 2018

Eustis, Florida  Southern Palms RV Resort

Happy Birthday to my brothers, who may I say are the best. They were both born today, but 2 years apart. So cool, how are Mama did that. I called them and talked to Drew later today, but he was painting, what a birthday!

So we wanted to just stay home today. As Jim calls it, a very productive,  unproductive day, if that makes any sense. I had cold cereal and a greek yogurt. Jim had an omelet. I got my Instapot out and I picked all the meat off the 2 chickens that Jim smoked the other day. I put the two carcasses in the pot to cook down till we got home.  We got ready and went for a walk. We wanted to walk on the other side of the road and check out that side of the campground. Weird having it on both sides of the road, you don't see that often. We walked the whole other side, it took a good hour. We came back and I got lunch ready. I made us each a sandwich with the killer bread I had left over. I took the bones out of the pot to cool. Then I added a lot of veggies to the pot and a little orzo. When it was finished I added can of tomatoes and the chicken. It was really good. I froze some for travel days. Did one load of dark wash too.

I was able to talk with my one brother Drew, David was working.
Then I ran the vacuum cleaner ( Rainbow)  I sat out with Jim some.
It was so beautiful out today well the last few days not as hot and humid out. Was about 76 or so, perfect, with less wind.

I read my book inside for an hour, Jim was outside relaxing. I got things ready to start dinner. I had 3 boneless ribs that I wanted to reheat on the grill with our new copper grill mat. Sliced them thin and we had them with reheated grilled green beans and zucchini. Jim also grilled a steak. I heated the leftover  apple crisp too. As soon as it gets dark out it starts to cool off. We came in after Jim ate his steak outside. A lot of good TV shows on tonight, Mainly The Voice and some others.

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  1. We are still having lots of rain up here. I spent hours Sunday mowing. Then in rained all day yesterday and raining now. Guess I know what I'll be doing later in week. That's ok.... I enjoy it.

    Hope to pick up our new rig later in week. Are you still planning on heading this way?