Saturday, March 17, 2018

Line Dance Party # 2

Friday March 16, 2018

Orlando, Florida

Jim was up first today, I got up a little later, he says almost 2 hours, ok then. So when I did get up I made breakfast right away. I made potatoes, onion and peppers he grilled yesterday with ham and eggs and a little cheese. I got ready to leave for dance class. It starts at 10 AM. Was a lot of fun, always is. Talked with a few ladies that I never met before.

When I got home I made 4 salads, 2 for tomorrow. We ate alfresco was so beautiful out, the sky was so blue no clouds in the sky. It is so dry here no humidity, our skin is really getting dry. It just sucks the moisture right out of you. There is also a very high pollen count too. A high risk of wild fires, we are not having camp fires like we usually do in PA. We even have quite a bit of Florida firewood leftover.  
I called and made an appointment for tomorrow at 4 to get my nails painted, a lady I line dance with told me where to go, I hope I like it there.  I also had to call home to PA to make a reservation at Quintin Riding Club where we will stay for 2 weeks till TT Hershey opens.  I asked about the weather there, he said it was 40 windy, but sunny. Oh my, not ready for that yet.

After lunch we talked about what we wanted to do on the weekend, and beginning of next week. There was some chores I wanted to do. We had some wild critters visit our site too, a turtle and a crane with the red head, I forget what they are called. So I washed dishes, and the picnic table cloth needed washed, some critter had little dirty sandy foot prints all over it. Probably a squirrel. Washed a load of white cloths. I froze the ripe bananas that they give away at the produce stand yesterday. I ran my rainbow vacuum cleaner. As I call it all real life stuff. While I was doing all that, Jim fixed the one running light on the FW that was not working. We sat out and enjoyed the weather. Jim grilled more chicken. I finished the blog from yesterday. We ate grilled turkey burgers and veggies he did the other day. We also had some smoked chicken and veggie orzo soup I had in the freezer. After we ate we got ready to go to the Line Dance party tonight.  It was from 7 to 10. We did a few of the dances we love to do together. Had a few sweet treats they had for dessert. Jim left just after 9, he is not a fan of the non country music they play a lot of now to dance to. I really had fun, he goes with it just to make me happy, which he does. When I walked home took a shower, put the rest of the laundry away, I had washed earlier. Watched some TV he went to bed first.

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