Thursday, March 1, 2018

Said Goodbye to Lazydays, for now

Thursday March 1, 2018

Eustis, Florida

So we woke up about 8, and we were so ready to move on. We had coffee while trying to organize things to move. We took the golf cart, went over and bought breakfast, had eggs, bacon sausage and toast and more coffee and orange juice. It has been a long time since we had orange juice. Then we got a call from Chad he was ready for us. We needed an EXIT paper to leave. Paid our deductible, they ordered the motor $1200. that we needed, and it takes at least 3 to 5 days to have it shipped. So we will cut our next 2 week trip a little short and come back to have everything done. New slide motor, new bathroom fan, seal for bedroom slide, rework my drawer in kitchen. It was weird being here all this time and getting ready to leave and not one thing was fixed. That is the name of this game. Well they did adjust the AC upstairs. We thanked Chad and said our goodbyes and said see you soon.

Then we went over to service. Jim wanted to get a window knob that was not working. And I wanted this nice dish drainer since DW was a bust. It was $26.00 but so much nicer then what I have. Ok nice but found out shorty after that does not fit in sink, close but will not work, crap. So that will go back when we return. Then we went over to see Jim in service, we were looking for hinges that we want for the pantry and under sink. So the doors open wider with easier access to cabinets. Well we found them from another RV manufacturer, and we ordered them. They will be waiting for us when we return. Jim will install them later. I will put up before and after pictures when its done.

Then sadly we had to return the golf cart. It was like a mile over there. So we asked if we could get a ride back, we wanted to get going. We had a guy pick us up in a huge golf cart. Took us to where we were parked. And a FW and truck was parked in front of us. Jim freaks out a little, he just wanted to get going. We hooked up and had to back up and make a few tight turns, we are out. I really feel like I got to really know the place. I took a Benadryl allergy, my head felt so weird, I got so tired while he was driving, was hard to keep up with my navigation duties.

We drove to first rest area, he wanted to look at a few roads. He said he just couldn't concentrate before we left. We had less then 2 hour drive to Southern Palms RV Resort.

 They had a guy park us. This place is on both sides of the road. We enter on one side and had to cross the road and go around to the other side. They wanted to put us under a huge moss covered tree. They probably had hundreds of them at Lazydays, I thinks they were full of the pollen that was bothering me. I really don't want the FW under one. So I asked if we could take another site up the road that was empty. The guy with us called the office and said the one that was available and large enough for us. Then Jim backed in.

I made salad with a little and apple with nuts for lunch with some strawberries.

 Jim did the outside stuff. We put out all three slide was nice to have all three out again. We were not using the one that needs the new motor. And I was trying to make it just like home again, and put everything back out. Washed dishes did 2 loads wash, more tomorrow.

I made  tacos for dinner. Then we went for a quick walk around this end of the park. We put the news on and the rocket was just launched and we went outside and we could see it. So cool, we did talk about going over there for a tour. Just might have to do that.
Jim watched hockey upstairs and I watched my Thursday night line up down here. Nice to be in a real site again, planning on some fun tomorrow. Now 1 AM I'm still awake not good.

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