Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Expensive Moving Day

Tuesday March 27, 2018

Dandridge, Tennessee

Woke up early, made smoothies packed up said goodbye to our hosts, they are very special people.

the view from the rest area
We left at about 8:30, the first rest area was on an island. We should have stayed and had lunch. Kept going though. Next rest area had the salads I pre made yesterday. We got rid of the trash we had in Cullman. I called Anchor Down and made a reservations for tonight. We drove awhile longer and stopped at truck stop to get diesel.

Phyllis helped us use the GPS in the truck, I can't believe we did not use it till the way back to PA. It was different, but worked great. We did think we missed a turn once, but didn't.

We drove a total of 310 miles today. We were heading to Anchor Down CG. We were following it on my phone, so we didn't have to change the truck GPS. I was afraid we were on the road, no signs. We were 250 feet from the entrance, and we saw a drive with nautical looking fence area. Which he thought was it, and he started to turn in. Of course cars start to go around you. When we realized that it was not it, we hit a drop off side of road.  I got out and he was going to back up. I saw we had a flat tire. We dropped in a ditch and out and it pulled the tire off rim. We got off road a little more. Jim was going to change it.
I said we should get help. I called CG they sent someone down with a number of a guy who does road side service. A guy staying at the CG also stopped to help. A guy just driving by stopped from Tennessee, said ya'll, you need any help man, so nice. The road side guy was here less then 45 minutes. he first was going to first try putting air in tire and popping it back on the rim. He tried a few times, and said if this does not work he would have to take it off and put it back on the ground. So he did, and we found out the inside rim was bent. So then they had to figure out how to get the spare off. We had to put the one slide out a little, I had to pick everything up that fell earlier, Jim had to hit the break pretty good at one point. Stuff fell out of the pantry. We thought we would have to find another rim. When they got the spare down, it was a new tire with the fancy matching rim, yea. So he mounted it and stopped traffic while we pulled out, and into the CG he followed us in so we could pay, safely off the road. So $312. later all set.

We set up, I made dinner we ate, took a walk all around CG, very beautiful here. A lot of the sites have there own fireplace, a cement stamped pads. I did dishes showers, blog, and TV, bed.

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  1. I was thinking today.... I should have asked you the address of each campground you were staying at on way back to Pa. I would have programmed the multiple stops. Or when getting near one push the Destination button, then POI. When you bring up RV Parks scroll to the one you going to and enter it. After you arrive, the GPS will continue on to final destination.