Saturday, March 24, 2018

Last Day at Lazyday's

Friday March 23, 2018 

Lake Park Campground Georgia

Jim was up before alarm went off. I made them 4 of my Paleo Chocolate chip cookies and took them when we met Sue and Tony for breakfast, again at our table. they ate some right away with breakfast. They are good. They went to check on there 2 little dogs and he checked on the MH. We kept waiting, I had my bag supplies with me and I strung some together.

They had a salesman that was really nice, and was going to go show them some more MH, she asked us if we wanted to go along. Said sure, we got great golf cart ride. They showed them a few, we stayed outside, did not want to incrouch on there showing. We went back and sat at our table had a drink. They got a call from there guy saying they were finished. we talked a little longer. We said goodbye shortly after that. We will miss them and said we would keep in touch.

Jim and I went to have lunch all alone. So sad. I did more bags. Then went outside sat in sun. Walked to the bay we were in to see if it was still in there, it was. We came back out and then he called us said all finished. Very expensive drawer, but so worth it. They pulled it around and pointed us in the right direction. We put slide out to see drawer. They did do a great job, very happy, moved a few things around grabed a few snacks. Jim hooked us up and there we go.

Sue and Tony were only going to drive an hour back to there CG they had. She kept texting me the rest of the day, they are so funny made us both laugh.

We drove total of 3 and 1/2 hours we only left 2:52.  Only stopped once I called the CG we are in to see if they had a big space for us.
We arrived and did a quick set up. I had grilled ribs and veggies and salad and a cookie too for us. Sue was texting me about the recipes, I sent them to her later in the evening. Jim went and filled up the truck with diesel. When he came back we ate. He showered I worked on blog and showered too. While Jim was texting with Sue and laughing. It was nice to be in a spot with full hook ups= FHU.
The TV was terrible here, in the bay with a roof over our TV antina we had way better TV.

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