Saturday, March 31, 2018

Last Travel Day Another Expensive One

Thursday March 29, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

We had a good night in the Lee Hi CG, wanted to go to I HOP but would have taken to much time, and to many calories. Jim gently rushed me and we left at 9:23, a lot later then usual, guess he did not rush that much.  It had rained a little over night but was dry out now. We were the first RV to pull in, and by the time we went to bed last night the row that we were in was almost full.  I made a smoothie this morning and we pulled out. The home stretch about 252 miles.

Our first stop was the first rest area in West Virginia. Quick stop was ready to eat something, I had my yogurt. off we went. The next stop was the last, Exit 10 which is funny because that is the name of the restaurant at Lazydays. We did not want to miss it, we did last time we went through here. The price of diesel in Maryland was 2.99 and when we hit Pa it was 3.57. Really, Welcome Back to Pa.

So about 1:30 we rolled into Quentin Riding Club. It is about 46 acres, a few miles North of the turnpike, off Rt. 72.  Also right now a mud hole full of pipeline workers. We parked, and talked with the new president of the club who we have not met yet. We talked about what sites were open, and how best to get into one. Well this new pres. said we could pull up into this grass area, I just new it was a bad idea. Jim drove over there, there was a "rode" a grassy areas and another "rode" aka mud street. then the large grass area. Jim started to pull up towards the grass and I TOLD him not to go in to far, not to take the FW tires off the last road. Well he did and we sunk in. The truck tires just spun, and we WERE STUCK. The pres. and a pipeline worker who had a 4 yr old and a 2 week old baby, were helping and another woman who works there. They all tried for about 2 hours to get us out. I was freaking out by now. This is our HOME now that we love and so afraid something bad was going to happen. When Jim was rocking back and forth the sound it made and the way it was moving on the hitch pin. I said stop NOW I couldn't take it any more, we have to do something else. By then they had done so many different things nothing worked. Jim said guess we have to call someone. But WHO, had no idea who to call. Our son Thomas used to run call for a tow truck, I called him asked if he had any ideas. The guy with the small baby found a number on his phone, I called them through my tears and they said they don't go this far, I asked if they knew someone they gave me an other number. I called them, with no idea what to expect or how long it would take.

About an hour before we got here, Jim called his Mom and we were going to go out  to an early dinner with her. So I called to tell her of our problem and we might be very late or not make it.

So the tow truck arrived it looked so small in the whole scheme of things. I never did get a picture of his truck. Was F-550. The kid was great. I said " young man I'm freaking out " he said we'll get it out.  Jim and the young fellow, hooked up the truck with a double wench about 150 feet long, he kept the truck off the grass, for the most part. I was afraid it would be ruff coming out, the woman that was helping, she was taking pictures and video. I tried, this is all the pictures I took. I was so nervous. It is amazing how smooth it came out. What a relief !! The kid stayed till we got backed into our spot. He was great, he told Jim that he did best of anyone he ever pulled out. He had to drive and keep the cables tight as he did the wench. OUT at last. We set a few things, called his Mom back and
Thomas they were going to met us over there too.

Jim and I went to get Chinese food, it was quick it has been awhile.
We had a nice visit, kind of quick didn't stay to long, decided to get my car tomorrow. It was late when we got home, we still had a lot to do. Jim got the sat dish set up in the dark. We rested a little, finally went to bed.

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  1. Yes, Darlene, you were really upset. Could tell that easily from your texts. All's well that ends well they say. But just to tell that to us when we are going thru it.