Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Last Day at Orlando Thousand Trails

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Orlando, Florida

When I got up made smoothies had a yogurt and went up to Line Dance class, today was my last time. A lot of people are starting to head North, and the class was as small as I have ever seen it. I said my final goodbyes for the season. I found out the couple I have been dancing with all this time, have been full-timing now for 26 years. WOW

I came back to make lunch for us. I got out the pre-made salads I had made yesterday. The white chicken chili I had frozen, I made 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich I wanted to use up.

There was a storm on the way, so we spent the next few hours waiting that out. It only was  windy for awhile, then we had some heavy rain, but it didn't last long. Something I wanted to do since we arrived in this site, is go through the barbed wire fence and clean up the trash, it ruins my view when I look out. I got one big bag filled. It cleared up quickly and we went for a walk to take out all the trash. We saw our neighbor walking his dog Diesel, down with the people we met with the June's ,Todd and Lynn and dog Abby. We chatted for a minute and continued with our walk.

We went inside showered watched TV a little we have to get up early tomorrow for moving day.

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