Monday, March 12, 2018

Beautiful Day at Lake Sumter Landing "The Villages"

Sunday March 11, 2018

Eustis, Florida

We hate daylight saving time. Tried to get moving today, it was hard to. We wanted to go to The Villages today. We left at 11 AM, I packed a lunch to take along. We are about 45 minutes away. First we went to the sales office to take a Trolley Tour. Only 1 other couple and us. Our tour guide was very good, we learned a lot. We learned there are over 2,000 clubs you can join. You just have to see it. We got to see a little of a Polo game, never thought we would see Polo Ponies at The Villages too.

Then we went back to the truck and got the lunch I packed. I changed my shoes. We had soda and water I had too. We went to a nice shady area with large wooden Adirondack chairs, and sat and ate our lunch and just watched people passing by and all the cool golf carts. One guy said '' is it good''. It was very nice spot.

Then we went to Golf Carts and fuel station. We wanted to rent a golf cart. Was hoping for 1/2 day they only had 24 hour rental. But it was only $25 a day. We were only planning to stay till 6 at the latest. Maybe another day. We thought we would be able to just see so much more. And it is just fun.

Then we took a boat ride around the lake, they also throw a lot of info at you. Was such a nice view, they say the sunsets are amazing. Then we had an ice an cream cone, they had dairy free too. We sat outside at a table with 2 ladies. I asked if we could sit with them, it was quite full out there. They were so nice, they were friends, lived at The Villages 11 years. And both lost there husbands 1 and 1/2 years ago within 6 weeks of each other.
 They love living here. Jim got rid of all of our trash. We thanked them and said goodbye.

We walked around some of the shops. Jim waited outside till I was ready for money. I was in the kitchen store. I found an orange peeler, a tool to take the green stem out of strawberries and a little creamer bottle. We walked around a little more, so nice such a festive atmosphere.

Then we stopped an got a drink and a chair. They have live music at an outdoor stage every night from 5 to 9. We stayed for a bit, then headed home.

We got home and had a salad and leftover mac and cheese with veggies and burger. and the last of the chocolate avocado pudding I made for dinner. Watched American Idol, and some news. Read the paper we got over there. Going to try to go to bed early tonight, so we can leave early tomorrow for more fun.

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