Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lovely chat at Ocala National

Friday March 9. 2018

Eustis,  Florida

After  a later breakfast and our normal routine, we decided to go for a ride North on 19. Nice drive through part of Ocala National Forest. Was a nice pull off with a cute little cabin, called Pittman visitors information center. We went in, the guy was talking with an older chatty gentleman. We looked around and went to bathroom. The guy barely spoke to us, with no info to be had. We went outside and had a lovely chat with that same older man, he is 86 from Ohio with his wife and Bayley the dog. They were in a Motor Home = MH  towing a car, heading back to Ohio. Such nice people, really enjoyed hearing him talk, and tell his stories.

We headed back and found an in door flee market. A lot of cool things we just don't have room for any longer. I did find bowls that are my favorite I have 2, wanted at least 2 more. If they break I'm heading back here. We stopped at a place to get beer. Then we stopped at a Publix to get a few things I couldn't get at WalMart
Headed home by then it was 3ish we still had not eaten lunch let. We made Chicken and corn bread with veggies. Really good. We went for a little walk around this side.

We sat out side a little.  We made scallops on the grill with a little bacon. Sat out and ate, this guy went by he was from Canada, he wanted to look at the PVC cloths line Jim made, he wanted to make one too. We chatted a bit, was just weird he talked with us the whole time we ate our scallops. they were good though. We went in right after that because the bugs come out. So we called it a night.

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