Saturday, February 16, 2019

Day off, Not Really

Jim was up first this morning, I was up at 7:30. We got ready and took my bags and all my stuff up to the activity center for craft sale for this morning.
They had the kitchen open so we had breakfast first give me French toast and the work and I had pancakes we took a lot home for breakfast tomorrow there were so much pancakes size of dinner plates. My neighbor wanted infinity scarves so you made a trade she gave me some cookie mix. Some other lady did I money with her so I delivered her a bag and its car for $20 so that was nice it was nice to talk to the lady. So we go back to the camper after 12 had a late lunch, rested a little bit and then we made a trip to get a new pair of shoes for me cuz my feet were starting to hurt. Shared a half a sub and went to Walmart.  I shopped in Walmart alone while Jim stayed in the truck and worked on the blog. It's a lot harder to do it we can't do anything at our site cuz we have no internet at all. We came home and grilled and chill the rest of the evening.

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