Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hornblower Cruise, The Island, San Diego CA

This AM Jim beat me to the coffee pot. We had coffee a little bit morning news. I made us a smoothie, and bacon and egg sandwich. Jim went up and took a shower while I finished getting ready. She got here a little bit early today, we left right before 10am. We drove to the Hornblower Cruise ship, Chris had bought tickets on line for 12:15 boarding  for a 2 hour cruise. Such beautiful views. The ship captain gave information about everything we saw on shore. So many interesting facts they gave us about the 37th Street Naval Station. The flight decks are huge, 4 1/2 acres in size. The Jets go from 0 to 160 and 4 seconds. They're 245 feet tall will not fit under this bridge,  there's 5,000 people on the ship 20% are women. It cost two million-dollars for homes on Coronado. This area is 9 miles to Tijuana Mexico. There are 59 active war ships stationed here. The ship's need 30 to 35 ft of water to operate. First we toured the San Diego side and went back to dock and drop off and pick up more people, the we toured the Coronado side where most of the Navy ships were.

The we drove to The Island Restaurant and had a wonderful late lunch/early dinner, I even took pictures of the menu. Want to make some items at home like my California Island turkey burger, Chris got Beach Bowl with fish, but they brought her chicken and she sent it back,  and they took it off our bill. Really had FUN there great place good food, great service.

Then we went across the street and went to Von's food store, Jim stayed in car while we shopped. A lady behind us in line, I saw her walking in behind us had a large bag like I make, I asked her if she made it, she did I said I made them too. I Asked her how much she would sell then for here she said $20. COOL good to know. We headed back to our FW and said our goodbyes with hugs and tears. I put everything away, made soup for travel day. Put stuff away to get ready to travel tomorrow. I took a shower, watched a little news and went to bed.

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