Saturday, February 9, 2019

More Rain, Wal*Mart, Chat with GD Mia

Made a nice hot breakfast this morning. There was rain on and off, but we decided to take a big walk around the campground. Looking around at everything, went to the Family Center, talking to different people about how the sewer lottery works around here. And we actually finally met Tyler he was at the rally that we were at in Arizona. We have been following each other since we left. He's a guy by himself in a big motorhome that works 8 hours on the computer everyday. We had a nice chat with him and some other guy that was telling us some stuff about different campgrounds in the area. Then we continued our walk. Went back to the FW had lunch. Jim grilled some little beef steaks and zucchini a little earlier the neighbor we had got a site in the lottery so they left. So we got a new neighbor they were in a fifth wheel too, they started to back in and his wife hollered at Jim if he could help watch him back in. Sure, He was actually having a hard time, he must have tried 20 times, his wife actually fell backwards because he was going too fast. Jim kept telling him just slow down and he told him which way to turn. After all that, Then we decided to go for a ride. As always we ended up in a Walmart, was able to use the internet then. There really is no internet there I guess because of the mountains around.. which makes it a little bit harder to post the blog. We were able to talk to our youngest granddaughter Mia on FaceTime that was really fun first time we ever really did that, it was so nice to see her. She can't wait till we get home so that she can go camping with us. We went into the store, bought a few food items. We picked up Jim's pills for the month, and he had to get another plastic cover for his phone because  the last one was the wrong size. I bought some different yarn to start a few projects. Of course he bought more beer, he always thinks it's on sale, cheaper than at home apparently. After we get home I started dinner after I put everything away. I made what I call, egg roll in a bowl, top it with duck sauce and tortilla strips, I make it in the Instant  pot. Then I took that out and put in my second liner and made vegetable soup with chicken. But then I was very relaxed, enjoyed some TV for the rest of the evening.

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