Thursday, February 21, 2019

Day off of site seeing, but we ventured out alone

Today we had no plans to go anywhere with Christine. But we did have some things to do ourselves here. It was really nice just sitting and relaxing with our coffee and watching my Today Show, not having to rush off anywhere, to go have some fun. Then we decided to go do some errands probably a little after 10. First we went to Carl's Junior for lunch, never there before, I got the veggie burger we were first timers, it was very good, but the guacamole made it messy. It really seemed funny being out alone and driving the truck  too. After that we got some more water at the spring water kiosk. We went to Walmart for  a few grocery items, and some miscellaneous fun stuff, I bought some yarn to make more Infinity scarves. Then we filled the truck up with diesel, Jim said it was pretty empty by now. Then we went into Vons which is a grocery store here, I wanted to get some items for soup which I kind of forgot at Walmart, plus I wanted to check out the store I was never in one, kind of pricey very nice, reminder us of Publix in Florida. We sat in the parking lot and played with our phones for a while since we can't really do it at our site. Then it started to lightly rain and we headed back to our site. We brought everything in and put it away I made vegetable soup in the instant pot with chicken and some Frozen sweet Italian sausage I bought. Jim went outside put the grill under the front cap and grilled a pack of chicken we just bought, which is so good. I made a salad for dinner while I was watching some of my recorded shows and Jim is outside, still in some light rain. I sorted three loads of laundry, did one, we both took showers we enjoyed the rest of our quiet evening and watch the Elvis tribute show with Blake Shelton. We watched our neighbor hook up because they were leaving Monday morning.

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