Saturday, February 16, 2019

Watch Seals, Rain, Wonderful lunch, Casino

I was up first this morning, Jim wanted to sleep in. Eventually he got up had eggs, and his steak he grilled yesterday, he went took a shower. I made a smoothie first, I had cereal and yogurt and Christine picked us up at 10. Then we went to La Jolla Beach Cove to see the seals. Wonderful views one of my favorite things so far.

Then we drove around and found an awesome place for lunch I had quinoa salad, Jim had a Reuben with coleslaw and homemade chips was fabulous and Chris  had ahi  tuna. I did take pictures of the food, the restaurant was called Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach.

By then it was raining a little. Then we started driving to this casino called Barona, best casino  8 years in a row.  They have free valet parking, we tipped. The smoke always bothers me no matter where we are though. The two of them were gambling a little bit, but it's not really my thing I'd rather do this. I want him to win Big with lights going off 750 credit at 25 cent machine, so he was up $150. Alot of restaurants in here I wish I was hungry, but I'm not. They have beverage carts going around with a large assortment of choices not like the track where they only have soda. We didn't see any alcohol though. They do have a very nice hotel in here too. We arrived after 7at home.

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