Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Travel Day to Dateland,Arizona

Today was our first travel day for three weeks. Jim was up first, I got up shortly after so I would not get yelled at. I made a smoothie, he made coffee. I made him eggs and Canadian bacon I had a yogurt, we packed up, put the slides in and moved down to the dump station. That took a little bit of time, and we pulled out at 9:45. Man does the terrain change from San Diego to Arizona.  From  Green Mountains,  to rocks on rocks  to Brown  to snow, to Flatland . 

People were pulled over along the highway playing in the snow ,  one guy had his door open Jim actually had to beep his horn because we couldn't get over , crazy drivers .  Probably never saw snow before. The snow was on an elevation of over 4,000 ft .  We chewed gum the whole time to keep our ears from popping. We drove over two hours before our first rest stop, we grabbed our quick lunch, that I premade, Jim called a guy, Joe he works with at home, talked to him quick.  He had left a message. Actually figured out how to send  a reply while we were driving through the truck, first time I ever did that. Then we drove to the next rest area, figured out where we could get fuel next, and then kept on trucking. Then we stopped at a Chevron station in Dateland Arizona. We filled up and I went inside to ask about staying for the night. There was a few RVs already parked in the back. The lady said " SURE, no problem the trucker's do it.
" So we pulled back with some people from Canada, Jim talked to him for a few minutes, asked if he needed help, he was laying on a blanket in the back underneath his camper. His jack sensor was beeping, he said he had to adjust it. He was going to move on to a campground, but decided to stay since we said we were .  We  did ask for permission, not sure if he asked when they walked up there later. Very lovely spot with beautiful date trees behind us and in front of us.  We did our minimum boondocking setup. There's a Flyers game on tonight Jim wanted to set up the satellite. I said why don't you try putting the antenna up and see if we can get it like that, it worked great and saved him a lot of work. We walked up to the gas station they had a awesome little gift shop in there and store area with a lot of a grocery items. We got a date shake to share with chocolate so good. Came back watched the beautiful sunset,
Jim watched hockey,  I crocheted, awesome boondocking spot. I really  did want a site with full hookups  so we could have rinsed the tanks.  I wanted to "wash " my hair, do a lot of laundry, vacuum, Jim needs to recondition the water softener. Oh well, I heated up some leftovers from spaghetti squash and pasta I made the other day.  Jim watched the hockey and yeah, they won in overtime, but right at 9 they put on Jeopardy on this station so he missed the winning goal. He did freak out a little bit, but I thought it was going to be worse. It's pretty dark where we are, no lights on outside at all around us, sitting here so we went out and we're stargazing, hoping to see a falling star.   He put genny on for a bit before bed. The new batteries are working GREAT. Ran over 8 hours was at 70 % we even had TV on a bit before he put genny on. It took less than three hours to get it back to a full charge.

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