Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tour Old San Diego

We did our normal morning routine I made a smoothie, eggs for Jim I had cereal and yogurt and Christine picked us up at 10 to start our tour for the day. First thing we did was go to tour old San Diego, how they lived around 150 years ago. Jim took a lot of pictures of how it looked and things they used in their daily life. We got to try our first tamales from a street vender. A lot of cool things to look at that you just can't buy if you don't have a house, or you're not going to give it to someone.

When we got back to the car and I had a date nut ball for each of us and Jim and I shared a Diet Pepsi. Then we drove to Ocean Beach, we parked and had lunch at South  Beach Bar and Grill,  where we overlooked the ocean and could watch surfers catch a wave.

I talked to a young girl that sat next to us that worked at Harley-Davidson. And the people next to her heard me say Pennsylvania and they said they were from Pennsylvania too, originally. It was a two-story bar really awesome view cool place I had a veggie burger and coleslaw, which is not how they make it in Pennsylvania and Christine had a fried oyster sandwich and Jim had a burger and fries. Then  we walked around,  I looked  at the ocean a lot, there was five surfers I was watching and the lifeguard kept yelling at them to come in because of the dangerous Riptides they were near. Then  we went  into some very unique stores. I bought two pins with a funny saying that I like and Jim bought a bumper sticker that said yeah I'm going to hell but it's a dry heat. He has been saying dry " heat " jokes  that for a month. Then we went to Mission Beach so we can walk around and wait for the heavy Friday traffic to die down.

  Then we headed back to San Diego. We got some beautiful sunset pictures took more pictures with a silhouette of the USS Midway in the background. Awesome flowers everywhere there was a photoshoot going on with a girl and a beautiful red dress. I saw two dolphins swimming right in front of us, I sort of got a picture of one. We stopped at this cute little deli shop and they each had a Ruben and I got a garden salad Jim help me finish it off. Very expensive. By then it was almost dark and we headed back towards Thousand Trails. After we got home I had a bowl of veggie soup and I went to bed early. Christian has been keeping track of how many miles we walk a day each is about 5 amazing how tired you get.

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