Sunday, February 3, 2019

CA Rain, The Mule, Procrastination

Our last full day in Palm Springs California Thousand Trails. In the morning it was cloudy but later it rained, which everyone says is so odd for around here. I bought sugar free breakfast muffins we had with her coffee. Yesterday  I think I talked him into going to a movie today. It has been a long time since we went to see a movie. And there is four here I wouldn't mind seeing. We decided on The Mule with Clint Eastwood.
There was 16 theaters there and you bought your tickets outside, very Californian. The theater was full, a lot more than our normal theaters were used to. We  didn't  see a movie since probably last year in Florida. Before it started I talked to the people next to us they were from Boston. The movie was good, we kind of knew the premise and what was going to happen, took a while to get there. I guess I thought it would be more action-packed with Clint but I think they said it's his last movie he's getting quite up in years. He was very funny though something funny about an old guy swearing I guess. The lady next to us was kind of bored, and her husband kept asking what did he say.
After the movie it was raining even harder. We went to Walmart mainly just to walk around. Jim wanted to get a new plastic phone cover. We bought a few more food items some more meat. I was afraid to buy a lot yesterday that it wouldn't fit, but I can always manage to get things in. The cool thing at Walmart we never seen before was they were doing a bourbon tasting, which of course Jim had to partake in, was just too funny.

I was still for procrastinating because I wanted to vacuum, and I still didn't.

We got home I made dinner. I still had a frozen bag of ravioli that I brought from home so I made that in the instant pot with a little turkey burger. Bought a little pizza I made half of it and our leftover grilled vegetables. Very good.
I went to bed at 9 before Jim so tired, don't know why.

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