Thursday, February 21, 2019

Craft sale, horse visit,

We woke up a little late for our early start of the craft sale. We gathered all the items we needed for my bag sale, got ready and went up to the activity center. We set up our table and had breakfast and coffee before everything got started, breakfast was really good. I traded another scarf with our neighbor for paper towels and hand soap. I enjoyed talking to everyone. Jim worked on the blog for almost the whole three hours we were there. Then we went back to the RV, we put everything away. Christine picked us up at 2 and then we went to see her friend John Ann, she's a recent Widow, and she has two horses, which we got a tour of everything saw horses, her oldest one was 33, like the one we had. We found out hay is 30 dollars a bale here in California.WOW, I thought Jim would fall over hearing that.  She had a wonderful little fruit tree orchard and we picked oranges and grapefruits they were delicious. Really beautiful trees with such perfect oranges , and we totally forgot to take pictures of everything . We had a nice visit with her friend and then we went and had an early dinner at a local little Eatery called kountry kitchens, in Ramona. Then we stopped and filled up our water jugs with spring water at Albertsons it's a grocery store they had a spring water kiosk outside the door. Then we headed back to TT Park. When she dropped us off we made our plans for Monday and decided not to go anywhere on Sunday because it was supposed to be rainy later in the day.

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