Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lazydays Appointment

Jim woke up around 6:30, I guess I got up a little after 7. I made breakfast packed up our stuff got ready enough to move the camper down to the Lazy Days Service Bay for a 9 AM appointment. After we were done with our service advisor. We went back to the KOA to book for another night, they only could do one night will have to check on the second later. Then we went to get LP gas for the camper, and the guy at the fire told us where to go, Arizona LP to get it cheaper then what the campground has. Then we went to get fuel for the truck.  We looked for a Ford dealer, Jim Click we want to get an oil change for the truck. They couldn't do it today so we made an appointment tomorrow for 11:30 a.m. . Since we had a new site we came back and ate our lunch I pre-packed, on our site with our table. People looked at us funny, some guy said, did you lose your camper, you must have a big one to have a F-450 Then we went for a little walk around the campground, we went down to the pool and I went in the pool and exercised with the ladies doing water aerobics while Jim sat out on his phone, to cold for him, he didn't feel like it. Then we went back to the Lazydays, they had the camper pulled out by then. We went and talked to our service advisor, talked about some of our issues, he had the service guy on speaker, and we talked to him a bit. We got hooked up and took the camper back to our new spot for the night. I heated up the dinner I pre-cooked last night, we changed  into our jeans and boots and went down to the BBQ Rush restaurant, listening to the two guys playing guitar and singing.

Jim drank a bucket of beer and one margarita, he wanted a Cadillac margarita but found out later she forgot to put it the Grand Marnier, which made it cheaper. Had a light snack of a fish sandwich we shared and potato salad and coleslaw then we went back to the camper.  I watched some show on survival. Jim sat outside for a bit and we went to bed after 11.

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