Saturday, February 9, 2019

Guitar music at Desi's Bar and Grill

This morning I made a smoothie first for breakfast, and I made Jim an omelet with some of the veggies from the inside out egg roll in a bowl with cheese.  Yesterday  I made refrigerator oatmeal, so I can eat it this morning. It's just oatmeal, Greek yogurt I used a little lactaid milk, sweetener, a little sugar free peach cup and  chia  seeds. Later Jim took the laptop in the truck up to the kids Center to use the internet and posted a blog or two. He said he was up there for 2 hours, I said it fells like was only gone for 10 minutes. It went really fast, I straightened up watch some of my shows that he hates, took a shower and washed  dishes and got ready for our fun day. Christine pick us up to take us to a bar called Deis's there's a guitar player there tonight that she really likes, Jerry.
She lived here for 29 years, but moved back to Pennsylvania and winters here for the last 9 years, I think she said. we talked for a little while,  We order dinner we have fish sandwiches Jim had a burger and we had fries, and some  zucchini fries.  Jerry plays his guitar from about 7 to 9:30. He was really good,  we really  enjoyed him.   He played a lot of songs he change the lyrics and they were really funny.  She brought us home after that it was so funny to be driving in the dark seeing all the lights of the city. We watched some TV and went to bed shortly after that.

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