Sunday, February 17, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day "Dear"

I woke up first came downstairs. I had a card for him, and. Strawberry dark chocolate, I figured only way I would get some, we said we would not, but I got the cards free in the mail on our last mail shipment. We were getting picked up by Chris at 2. When Christine picked us up the water at our bridge on our side of the campground was right at the top of the cement. Which made me nervous and thinking we probably shouldn't even leave.  First place we went was to Felipe's Italian Grotto restaurant. We actually took three slices home with us. Then we went to pick up Christine's friend Cindy, she came along with us. Then we went to the Valentine's Day All You Need Is Love concert with Jerry and many others.

We're really good seats so Jim can stretch his legs out. We tried two cookies for a snack when we arrived. The concert was wonderful but Jerry still our favorite. He was actually sitting next to me and he acted like he just wanted to be up there so bad he was singing in my ear.
When the concert was over we went to the library which is a bar,  only Library Jimmy usually goes to. They were playing pretty good music in there, it had five pool tables, Jim had two beers and then we left to take Cindy home. With the rain we had that day we went to Cindy's and watched the news and I wanted to go back to the FW, but we decided it was probably best if we didn't, so we stayed overnight with Cindy she was gracious enough to invite us to stay,  almost insisting we do not leave. It actually was really cool to stay in the house we had our own bedroom and bathroom very nice they even found us a toothbrush to use. We watched the news and saw how bad the weather really was, but then it was 12:30 and then we went up to bed. Thank you Cindy.

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