Saturday, February 23, 2019

Presidents Day

This morning  I made Canadian bacon and egg and cheese sandwich on English muffin for breakfast. I wanted to make a smoothie and totally forgot. I think Jim didn't remind me because he probably was hoping I would skip it too.  Our neighbors pulled out right before  I got up. We started to get ready she was picking us up at 10 a.m., I should have packed a lunch but I was too lazy. I did one more load of laundry. We left at 10 this morning and drove to San Diego Safari Zoo. $15 to park, the one day pass for adults was 57 each, the line to get in was long. It was  a beautiful sunny day. We took a safari ride on a tram through the park and saw giraffe, zebra,  Of course a lot more animals we took a lot of pictures. We walked about 5 miles in there Total.   Jim even had some pictures of the signs and how much food was, a beer cost $9 for a large glass. Really had FUN there. It started to rain we sheltered under a roof where kangaroos were. We met up with Chris again and then we headed towards the car. We had a protein bar and a bottle of water and diet Pepsi. It took a minute to get out of the parking lot. The we headed to Panda Express, we were never there before, really good. It rained a little more and we headed back to FW. Had a nice relaxing night.

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