Saturday, February 16, 2019

USS Midway, Cabrillo National Monument

This morning Jim was up first. I made Jim some eggs and sausage and leftover waffle fries from yesterday. I made chicken wraps for lunch later. I even baked off 3 PALEO  Chocolate chip cookies too. I took some fresh California  date nut balls for lunch too, I made the other week. She picked us up at 9:30 am. Off we went for more fun. First place we went was USS Midway Ship. We were in there over 3 hours. Took so many pictures. liked seeing the galley, how many men they had to feed on the ship. We could have stayed 3 more hours. Here are a lot more pictures of the ship.  It was a workout, a lot of steps, and big steps up walking through all the oval doorways. Then we went to Cabrillo National Monument, out on a point, you could see the Del  Coronado hotel from our view.
We found a nice sunny bench wall to sit on and eat the lunch I packed. Then we walked and walked. BEAUTIFUL Views. Toured the lighthouse there. Then we drove to Hacienda Casa Blanca, Jerry was playing his guitar there again, we had real mexican food there. Was good, had alot veggies leftover I can put eggs on tomorrow. We got home about 9:15, gone about 12 hours.

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