Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Waiting at Lazydays

Monday February 26, 2018

Lazydays  Seffner Florida

Woke up at 5ish, knowing we have to be over at service parking lot at 8 AM. I got out of bed at 5:30, coffee was finished Jim had the timer set, so he was up soon after. We had coupons for breakfast, so we didn't have to worry about doing that. Ready about 7. I said if we get to the parking lot at 7:30 and have to wait a little at least we are there. So we hooked up. He had a tight turn out of our site, but no problem. We went and had a great breakfast first.

So we checked in that we are here. A few minute wait and we went back to talk with our service adviser. Talked about all we needed done. Said they will pull our FW into service bay and let us know. So we went and moved the truck. First we went over to the store wanted to ask about hinges we wanted for two cabinets, to have the doors open wider. Then we went to find something to do, some fun....

We took a ride, not much to see. Found a few stores we went into.
We had made plans to meet Jim and Dee at Parksdale Farm for Strawberry Shortcake. at 1:00. We wanted to have lunch first, so we found a Chili's we really like it there. Time was going so fast.
We both got there almost at the same time. We got in the long line, but boy does it move fast. They are a well oiled machine. Dee spotted Jessica and Harry another RV couple that recently got off the road in there FW. They have a little house in Florida now too. They have the FW I originally wanted before we found the one we have. We all only chatted for a minute, they had some people with them too.
We shopped for some veggies, we found red and green peppers zucchini, strawberries, green beans, yellow squash, and some cake to put into the freezer to have when we get home with everyone.
They were telling us they didn't have lot of space in fridge for beer, we had a small very small fridge we were carrying around in the back of the truck. We just were not using it anymore, no longer needed it. We offered it to them, they accepted it took it along, yea more crap out of the back of the truck. They were so sweet and invited us to come back with them to there house, we wanted to but thought we should check on FW. So we said our goodbyes and headed back to Lazydays.

When we got back we went to the parts desk to check on the hinges. We were able to take a quick golf cart ride to where the camper is to look at them. So far no luck finding them, don't understand why it is so hard, anyway. Then we got a call to go see our service adviser. So the Dishwasher they were going to put in was not going to fit without major cabinet modification. OMG how disappointing. So they had pulled us out of the bay, looking for a spot they could plug us into electric. Yea they found us one. They were also waiting to see what the warranty would cover. So basically tomorrow, don't call us we will call you, kind of day. well ok then..

So we went into FW, put slides out and chilled. Later we had some Leftovers for dinner I had for travel days. We watched the Voice, so good. Took a shower and relaxed, a little bummed:( 

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  1. Hi there. FINALLY! we are headed to northern Indiana to pick up our Open Range. It's been there since November and fixed months ago. (we hope). But weather not fit for towing up there. We will bring it back to local dealer who has to repair damage they did to roof. Hoping we can work out a deal with them to trade down to a small tow behind. Had you met Harry and Jessica before?