Thursday, February 15, 2018

Casino Dinner Cruise

Friday February 9, 2018

Today up before the alarm, I think we just didn't want to hear it go off. So were up at 5:45. Up and ready to leave before 7:30 to get the bus. It was a huge bus with only 20 people on it and it had a bathroom too. Very nice ride that Jim could look around.

We boarded ship and had a very nice hot lunch. Moved about ship freely, really nice beautiful day. Jim did the slots and lost $40.00. We took a lot of pictures. The worst part it was had to get away from the smokers.

Got back on bus for return trip home. Were home right before 6:15.
We ate salad with chicken watched some Olympics. Went to bed tiring day of cruising the high sea. 

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