Saturday, February 17, 2018

Moving Day

Friday February 16, 2018

I work up at 7 with the thoughts of all it takes to move. I actually got up about 7:20. And got things moving, I made toast, chicken sausage and eggs. We all did or jobs. I do inside Jim does outside.
We left about 11:10 only a good half hour drive. We had to pull into an empty parking lot for about 6 minutes. You can't come in till after 12 noon.  Can't have people coming and going at the same time. Gets to crazy.

We were number 9 in line. They ask you where you want to be. I wanted be closer to the activity center where all the fun  happens. Our site was empty we had last time. And we saw when we were here yesterday that it would we. ( each site has a paper with your name on it and the day you are leaving ) So we just took the one we had. We really did like it. Easy to get to, and easy to get in and it's a very large site.

I got our salads ready that I had pre made. I did my inside jobs, and put everything back out. And Jim did outside stuff. I watched a little TV stuff I had recorded. Then I wrote out 10 postcard that my DIL gave us for Christmas. I had made dinner in Instant Pot but when we moved I think the steam thing came out. I also made 8 hard boiled eggs too.

We went up and mailed my cards. we wanted to see what was going on. They were having a dance and Karaoke. I said I would go back. Talked with Norma she got her hair cut short was so cute. I met her a month ago when we were here. She is a great line dancer. Jim wanted to watch hockey. We went back home and ate and I got ready to go back up. I walked up was so fun talked with people I met here before, and a new lady Desiree from PA. We all figured out the rest of our dance schedule for the next week. Norma and her hubby offered to drive me home, so nice, thanks

Jim was finishing hockey, I put all my stuff away. I showered did some move blog, up to late but got it done.

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