Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine's Day

Wednesday February 14, 2018

Was up at 8:30, I ate a yogurt and a small bowl of cereal. We left for fun around 11.  We sat on a park bench and looked at the lake and passers by for a good half hour. Then we went to Lilly's on the Lake are reservation were for 1:00. I had a seafood platter, Jim had an Island combo basket. We had a beautiful meal alfresco. Such a nice view. There were a few people that arrived by boat or jet ski and came to eat. The food was really good, we really enjoyed it.

Then we changed to walking cloths and shoes, and walked around all the cute little shops. Had frozen yogurt. Another small lake we sat by for awhile. Walked around over 2 hours then headed back to the truck. We went to Publix, then we went home.

Jim grilled zucchini and green beans and his steak for dinner. I ate my leftovers from Oakwood Smokehouse.

We received a call from Tom and Chris they are going to pick us up tomorrow to go to the CTC = Carriage Travel Club ( owners group of our rig ) They are having a Florida Luncheon tomorrow.
We will go to there Rally too in TN end of September.

Worked on blog, watched TV, and we still get stink bugs out of FW everyday since we left TN last October. We get at least 4 to 6 a day everyday. Guess when we go back in October we will reload up with them again. Great:( 

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