Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nailed It

Monday February 5, 2018

I seam to wake up early, but then get my best sleep from the time I fall back asleep till I get up usually between 8 and 9 am. Jim is almost always up before me.

We drove over to the Hearth to make reservations to go on a Casino
dinner cruise on Friday. We met Edna, a lovely woman who took are reservations, and told us about a lot of things that were going on in the park, she was so nice.  Then we walked around a little over there. We came back and our neighbor across the road saw Jim come around and get me out of the truck and a little hug and kiss. She started talking to us, saying he's a gentleman too, her hubby does that too. We talked with them for awhile, they offered us chairs. Had a nice chat. Linda and Mike were from WI.

Came home had lunch. Then I went outside with a file and nail clipper. I cut all my nails back. They were driving me crazy. Had them on 20 years. It felt good to have them short, they are tender on the tips. Only able to get gel off of 4. I repolished them in lite sparking pink.

Later we went for a walk for at least an hour, and checked out another area of this large park. Then I made dinner, TV, showered relaxed.  " Nailed it "

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  1. Sounds like you use your Instant Pot a lot. We bought the Mini version. Only used it a few times. I'm a little intimidated by it. Linda Payne convinced me to get one when they visited a few months back. I'll have to try the hard boiled eggs. You and Jim are keeping busy. NICE! I know how excited you were to do this.